The biggest portion of our time together may be a personalized 6 to 12 session program. If you are inspired to deepen your erotic experience, the next step is crafting a program tailored to you.

For several days following our first session, I take what you have told me about yourself, what I learned from the wisdom of your body, and my professional experience and put together a personalize package to meet your needs.

Clients often explore in diverse directions. For example: breathwork, deepening orgasmic experience, practice in expressing your desire, erotic exploration outside of the genitals, integrating tantra energy into real life, etc. There are a myriad of personalized program experiences. No two are alike.

Sacred Intimate sessions range from intentional physical and sensual exploration to straight forward dialogue and coaching – with suggestions to continue working on your own!

Contact me for details about timing, frequency and pricing.