Lupercalia Rites: An Exploration of Primal Eros

        Intimacy Academy in partnership with GROWL NYC is proud to present: Lupercalia Rites: An Exploration of Primal Eros In ancient Rome the rites of Lupercalia honored the wolf mother, Lupa who raised the orphan founders of Rome. The aspects of the wolf, the primal eros were celebrated to purify the participants and celebrate fertility and prosperity in advance of the coming of spring. Join the men of GROWL in this ancient…

Queer Touch Ritual for Men – NEW YORK

Hosted by Growl NYC Facilitated by guest teacher TTBaum You are invited to an evening of facilitated touch and pleasure exploration for all men – trans, cis, gay, bi, queer and questioning, grounded in consent and choice. We get to know each other, create a sacred container, do some short exercises, strengthen and identify our boundaries so we can relax, receive, and give. Bring an open mind, curiosity and playfulness! Registration: