In Touch With Your Root for Men at T4GM

Only available via the Tantra 4 Gay Men App. Click HERE for more information. Join TTBaum in this Virtual Erotic Temple as we explore the dark, earthy depths of the root chakra. Many of us neglect the seat of our Root Chakras – the perineum or “taint” and our buttholes. What will you find when you start to offer that area of the physical body some attention and love?

Discovering Your Butthole

Join us in the Virtual Erotic Temple and dive deeper into your ROOT CHAKRA TTBaum is your guide deep into an exploration of the first chakra, its wisdom and connection to the earth. This is an adults only, nude event. What to expect: This workshop takes us deep into meditations on the muladhara, root/first chakra. We will be practicing with opening and using buttplugs, and other devices to deepen your awareness and expand our aliveness through our buttholes!…