Hi! I’m TTBaum! I am a Sacred Intimate, Sex Educator, and Certified Bondassage® Provider/Trainer based in San Francisco. I work with individual clients and groups to help them find their authentic erotic expression. My work takes me across the United States and Canada. My latest projects include reworking my sex education curriculum into a comic book series, and eventually a virtual reality game world.

My work integrates the sweetness of Tantra exploration, body divination, and deeper refinement of somatic sensate experiences. As a Sacred Intimate, I have been called to provide you with new tools and experiences to integrate a more satisfying and intimate erotic existence.

Beyond my work I am an avid student of Tantra, and I have a secret obsession with science fiction. My body is my true portable temple, and besides using it in service to you, I keep it in shape to make art and explore movement.

Tell me a little about you, so we can get started.