Queer Touch Ritual for Men: HOLIDAZE

The Embodiment Arts Collective 2145 19th Avenue, ste 205, San Francisco, CA, United States

You are invited to an evening of facilitated touch and pleasure exploration for all men - trans, cis, gay, bi, queer and questioning, grounded in consent and choice.

Up From Below: Root Chakra Workshop, Level 1

Virtual Erotic Temple

Join us in the Virtual Erotic Temple and get in touch with your root chakra. TTBaum is your guide deep into an exploration of the first chakra, it's wisdom and connection to the earth. This is an adults only event. What to expect: Up From Below is a guided meditation on the muladhara, root/first chakra. This is the home of our connection to security, safety and wholeness with the earth. Our life force originates here! More information and...